Why you should move your services to Hamptons Web Design

This 3 Minute Audio will explain how to simplify and secure all your business services online.
With 22 years’ experience helping local businesses organize and unify their internet services.



This is John Monteleone, President of Hamptons Web Design now serving The East End Community for 22 years. This 4 min Audio Presentation talks about “Why you should be Hosting your website and letting us manage other important services for you.”

Every month we hear about issues from prospective clients, that they are not sure about where their services are located online. For instance, they do not know:

Who hosts their website?
Who manages their Domain Names?
Who handles their email accounts?
Who has control over their Google My Business page?
And other missing services.

All of these services work in tandem and are critical to your entire web presence. If your domain is not renewed, for instance, it goes down and so does your website and emails associated with it. Lose your domain and it may be impossible to get it back.

Also, many are not sure what services their email accounts really offer:
Are your Emails branding your business? More people see your email Address than signage and websites.

Who handles support if there is an issue?
Are your emails private and do they hold your legal and personal discussions forever?

If your website goes down, is it backed up properly to restore in a catastrophe? Many are not requiring you to redo it snd pay for it again. Who do you call to fix these issues when they occur, and will you be able to reach an actual person?

It's all great when things work, but when things break, you can end up spending days of your time trying to get them back up. All too often websites are lost entirely, domains are purchased by other companies, and then it’s too late.

Moving to HWD will not only secure your services while they are working smoothly under our management, but when something goes wrong, we're here to fix the issues as quickly as possible, and with personal discussion with you so you know what's going on.

When trouble strikes, it's only ONE call and we handle these technical difficulties for you.

HWD can also find and organize all of your important services and insure that:

You own them.
That they're safe.
And manage them for you under one roof.

I'm proud to say that my company, HWD, has created a solid and well-honed infrastructure over the past 22 years, dealing directly with the very services that help small local businesses
host their websites. with the security to know that if anything breaks, we can restore your site and other services we manage quickly.

If you're interested in learning more about us, and what we can do for your company, let's have a short phone consult soon. With this free consult, we can determine what services you need managed and then send you a quote for any of these services:

Website Design and Redesign
Website Hosting and Backups
Domain renewals
Email accounts with full support
Local Search (Google My Business Pages - maintained)
and online advertising with Google and Facebook.

We are skilled, creative WordPress Website Designers with many local companies using our services.
When your site needs updating, we are there to help with reasonable pricing and personalize service.

Move to HWD and we’ve got you covered, all in one company.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to speaking to you.

John Monteleone
President, HWD