Add a Private Login for Clients & CoWorkers

Upload Images & Documents to view privately. Imagine the possiblities!

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$800 One-Time Fee - for our work to install/instruct.

$25 per month Management - fixes any issues, support for instruction.


Communicating visually with your clients and co-workers, can be a valuable tool to save time, and enhance the working relationship you have with them. Builders, Architects, Landscapers, Home Industry and other businesses can benefit from this online program.

Plus, you can check in with your Project Managers on the site. They can update you on how things are going, with the latest photos of your projects. With this Upgrade to your WordPress site, your clients can login to their personal area, and see any documents you want them to see.

The Client Center is fully Responsive as part of your website, and can be viewed on phones and tablets. There are more features which we can discuss once you set up a short Phone Consult. We can screen share and take a look at the Client Center, so you see how it works, looks and can add to your business.

Document Files
PDF files (invoices, drawings, etc.)
Excel Spreadsheets
Cad Files
Others - inquire.