Let HWD manage your domain names, so you don't lose them when it's time to renew.
We include Consultation for Brand, Support and handle any issues.

Domain names control your brand, website and emails. If you don’t renew accidently you can lose them and your website and emails can be lost. Have the ones needed to protect your brand to stop others from buying them. Hamptons Web Design can research your brand, the domain names and extensions that may be smart to own, and consult you on all of this. Once done, HWD offers a quality domain management service relieving you of worry that you may forget to renew them, which we see happen every week. For the low cost of our management service it makes no sense to take chances with your brand and domain names.

To start, simply fill out the form below and we will review it, log into your domain hosting account and see how many domains you have and send a quote for management. It's that simple. If you don't know your login we can help.


$25 to transfer each domain to our accounts at ( where we have VIP Reps who insure everything works smoothly year round.)

$6 per mo. Per domain. This fee includes the yearly Licensing Fee we pay for you, and our time to do so, as well as host it year round for you.

We insure you own the domains.