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Hamptons Web Design offers flexibility, with the option to have a fully integrated website, and marketing system that work together. In today's online environment, those who want to pursue a quality website and Internet Presence need various services.

Hamptons Web Design will set up and manage all of the services you want, while consulting with you as needed. You can either add services a la carte, or save money by using our Multi-Services Package. You can read all about our many services in the descriptions below. 

Multi Services - Use Some or All

For over 20 years, Hamptons Web Design has specialized in providing expert Website Design, Redesign, eCommerce Storefront Designs, Hosting, Email, Domain Management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google AdWords & Local Search Marketing. 

Our Mobile-Friendly Responsive WordPress Websites work on all devices with easy Self-Management, and 100% personalized phone and email support.

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Our WordPress Website Designs can be done as presentation sites, or expanded offering full eCommerce to sell digital and/or retail products online. 

WordPress offers the best storefront software available today with an abundance of features - keeping it simple, or growing to a complex store.

Accepting Payments from your clients/customers is also available.

Hosting is a Major and Direct influence on how Google ranks and scores your Website Presence and is THE most important server other than the Design of your Site.

Hamptons Web Design has been hosting East End Business Websites for 20 years, and has evolved its service to include all of the necessary and important features. Google requires that once someone opens your website from any search, that it is "USER-FRIENDLY". Slow sites, or pages, or even some images, are the direct result of slow servers. This one error can cost you your rank.. 

For any size business, servers that display your website need to be state-of-the-art, fast, and possess an abundance of technology for security as well as SEO purposes. Hamptons Web Design specializes in professional business hosting for local small businesses. Responsive sites, and open source sites are very complex programs that need to be integrated with our servers, for optimal performance, backups to multiple locations, and maintenance.

Hamptons Web Design's hosting system offers all of that and much more:

  • 24/7 Human Monitoring of the system, and your website.
  • High-Speed State-of-the-Art Servers. Highest Bandwidth available today which relates to speed of the site opening and SEO.
  • Mini-Server Environments for any WordPress Website - encapsulates your website so if a virus or hack attempt occurs in one site, it is very difficult to access yours - opposed to shared servers where everything is available found on cheap services.
  • Servers are never crowded.
  • Your website and data is backed up daily, weekly, and monthly to 2 locations OFF site.
  • Raid Servers - double hard drives & mirror images switch if one crashes.
  • No bandwidth limits for normal site traffic - 1000's of visits a day are not a problem.
  • Anti-Virus, Anti-Hacking, CPU Monitoring (speed of server on a 10 minute basis).All of Hamptons Web Design's software is integrated, highly secure and owned by Hamptons Web Design. We insure that it works for your business.
  • Google Compliant. Many of our client's listings appear on Google's first page for free searches. This means that Google ranks our servers as very high quality, which improves our client's website quality score.
  • Any issues with hosting that arise with your website, Hamptons Web Design corrects it.
  • Personal Phone and Email Support for Hosting, and use of the Website Manager Admin including instruction.


  • There is one set fee for hosting and support - this means if anything happens to your site due to our servers, we fix it without cost to you. 
  • Hosting is month-to-month so you can cancel at anytime.

Make the most of your Google My Business Page listing.

Your Google My Business Page shows up when customers search for your business or businesses like yours on Google Search and Maps. Google My Business lets Hamptons Web Design post updates to showcase what’s new with your business. You can respond to reviews to build loyalty, and add photos to highlight what makes your business special.

Hamptons Web Design can create a new one, or claim one that was made automatically by Google from Maps.  Do you even know if you have a Google My Business Page?  Let Hamptons Web Design find out if you do, and update, improve and expertly manage it for you. 

What is Google Advertising (AdWords)?

Google AdWords is Google’s online advertising product that can help you attract new customers to your website and grow your business. Hamptons Web Design will create the ads for your business and Google AdWords displays them to people searching for products or services like yours at the exact moment they’re looking for them.

AdWords can be a valuable marketing tool if you’re interested in any of the following:

Attract more customers to your website

AdWords displays your ads on top and next to Google’s search results, as well as on websites featuring related content to your products or services.

Gain more customers in a specific geographic area

If you want to build a customer base in a specific geographic area, AdWords can target your ads to potential customers in specific countries, states, cities or local areas. That means your ads will only appear to potential customers in the geographic area we specify.

Attract customers via mobile devices

Millions of people access the Internet from their mobile devices to research products and services and search for local businesses. With AdWords, we can show your ads on mobile devices and even allow potential customers to click on the phone number in your ad to call you directly.

Flexible marketing costs with full control

With AdWords we are able to manage and control your marketing costs by setting a fixed budget. We select the maximum amount that you are willing to spend, and you only pay when someone clicks on your ads and visits your website.

Gaining insight into marketing results

With AdWords we know exactly how many people saw your ad and how many clicked on it to visit your website. HWD provides reports, and consultations as you need them. We can also see how the market changes, to offer your even more traffic and you can opt to stay where you are, or increase your Google Budget to pursue more traffic.

How Hamptons Web Design Structures Your Campaigns

Your AdWords account has 3 main parts:

  1. Campaigns
  2. Ad Groups & Ads
  3. Keywords 

1 - Campaigns
A campaign is simply a way of organizing advertising efforts to help you achieve your goals. For example, if you owned an online clothing store, we might create separate campaigns for shoes, shirts, and pants and then create ads as part of each campaign.

2 - Ad Groups & Ads
Ad groups are exactly what they sound like — groups of ads — plus keywords. Ad groups allow us to create tightly themed keyword lists and ads for every product or service that you offer. For example, for your shoes campaign we might want to create an ad group for ‘ballet flats’, one for ‘moccasins’, and another for ‘sandals’. The more tightly themed your ad groups, the better.

3 - Keywords
Keywords are words and phrases that we choose as potential triggers for your ad. We should pick keywords based on what we think people are most likely to enter when they’re looking for your products or services on Google. But we have an advanced research system that allows us to “know” exactly what keywords people have typed in to find what you offer. It is not random, or guessing.

We can review, edit or delete keywords at any time continually honing your campaign(s) for optimal performance and reducing costs.

Example of how Campaigns and Ad groups are organized:

Campaign - Shoes

Ad groups:
Flip Flops
Ballet Flats

Moccasins:   leather moccasins, suede moccasins, men’s moccasins, brown moccasins, white moccasins
Flip Flops:    white flip flops, gold flip flops, beach flip flops, wedge flip flops, kid’s flip flop sandals
Ballet Flats:  ivory ballet flats, ballet flat shoes, women’s ballet flats, buy ballet flats, ballet flats for sale

Download the PDF
How it Works

What is Local Search Optimization, Why is it so Important Today, and How Does it Work?

You can Run a Quick Report right now to see how Google Views Your Local Search Presence. CLICK HERE

Hamptons Web Design’s Local Search Optimization Service creates high-quality business listings for your company that appear in over 60 important Directories that Google deems important like Yelp. It also insures that they are consistent, duplicates are removed, they offer quality displays with photos, business hours, photo gallery etc., so your reputation across the web is improved. Reviews send a notification to you so you can view them or rebut. Additionally, we can update all of them quickly should information change at any time. This creates a quality business presence throughout many of the Internet’s most important Directories and sites and also monitors them for you. Throughout, HWD manages all of your listings for you. 

Many free searches using important keywords bring up these Directory listings like Yelp, and will display them before they will show actual website listings. Directories today are considered important, so your business information has to be correct within them. When inconsistent listings or duplicates with incorrect information appear, this demerit your businesses Quality Score, which lowers the value of your Businesses Online Presence and Reputation.

Any of your pages in these Directories also have links to your site, which function as a quality back link also important for Local Search Optimization. Customers can contact you from the Directory Listing, or visit your website from the link within them – so there are multiple reasons to insure your business is listed properly.

HWD also creates and monitors your Google My Business and Facebook Page Business Information, that is displayed below Google Ads in search results for the area your business is located in. 

Download the PDF

How it Works
Has the complete list of over 60 Directories to be Listed in.
Self-Test Your Business from the PDF - takes 2 minutes. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is simply the pursuit of improving visibility of your website in the various search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. This helps in both the unpaid search results and also in paid Google Advertising.

By optimizing you may show up higher in a search for your business or industry. The higher you are ranked on the search results page, and the more listings that show up about your business, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine's users.

Over 90% of searchers never move past the first page of results.

There are no guarantees on how the search engines will place your website. But through "Keywords" or "Key Phrase" Optimization there is a better chance of your website appearing on the first page of the free local business search results.

By using Hamptons Web Design's Optimization service your business has the advantage over your competitors who do not pursue this (and many do not.)

Service Includes:

  • Detailed Keyword Analysis
  • Detailed scraping of your site pages for important Keywords
  • Adding pages, or programs to offer targeted results for keyword searches
  • Meta Data
  • Redesign of Template Footers with important text
  • Insure all Code and Tags are in place for headers, titles, photos etc.
  • Testing over time to see how it works
  • Adjustments made as necessary

Note - SEO is included in Google Ad Words set up and monthly maintenance.

TIP - Utilizing Google's Ad Metrics tells us the specific search terms people are using to actually go to your website. We then can consult with you to add content to your website's pages, which deepens the value of that important search term for your business. 

Domain Names are the core of your entire online presence.

Domain name management services at Hamptons Web Design enable you to have a Domain Name without the task of maintaining it yourself.

Domain Names run your online business - from Email Addresses associated with them, to your website and online marketing.

Domain Names need to be hosted and watched as well as renewed yearly. It's important to know that many businesses lose their domains every single day due to forgetting something as simple as changing an email address on a domain account, resulting in the loss of the domain. When a Domain Name is lost it's nearly impossible to get it back, and any services associated with it go down: Website Hosting, Email, even Marketing. Additionally, if the new owner wants to sell it back to you it can cost $1000's. 

There are many extensions today from .com (the most important) to .Biz, .co, .info etc. The .com, .net and .org are the most popular - and you should own these versions of your main domain which also should be your businesses name. In addition, adding The before and NY after are two common ways others can steal your brand.

Once they have the domain, they can use it. Trademarking a Business Name does not Trademark the domain - you would have to have a separate trademark for the domain, and each extension. The least expensive way to insure no other business can obtain YOUR buisness name is to be sure YOU own it.

HWD can research, register and renew your domains for you, insuring you are the owner.


  • Research and suggestions for available domains.
  • Registering them for you, insuring you own the domain.
  • Watching the Domain Name to insure it's safe, and protected.
  • Renewing it yearly.
  • Managing what the domain does for you. 
  • Control DNS (Domain Name Server) Configurations so your website and emails work smoothly.

Email today is our main form of communication in business. You should have confidence that your emails will be received reliably & that support is available.

Your Email Address is your identity which should correspond with your company name. More people will see your domain IN your email than on your website. So it makes sense that you always brand your domain, which should mirror your business name.

Company Domain Name is

Or other email address that is not FULLY Your Domain!

Do not Brand - focus on YOUR business name and continually Brand it in people's mind.

Many popular and free services keep a copy of every email you send to customers and that they send you – forever! This is a breach of your business privacy. They serve ads and clutter your page and often have poor support. Our service is 100% private and is very high-quality built for business. Every account is monitored 24/7 by human beings on special email servers that only work to deliver and receive email. When there is an issue, it is fixed it immediately without any additional fees.


  • Spam & Virus Protection.
  • Ad-Free and Privacy Guaranteed.
  • Support by phone or email.  
  • Direct Access to Personal Phone Set up & Troubleshooting.
  • 25 GB Mailboxes - No need to delete.  
  • 100 GB Mailboxes - available an additional fee.
  • 50 MB Attachments.
  • Secure Encryption.
  • Backups.
  • MS Exchange Email Accounts Available.


  1. On Your Desktop.
  2. On the Internet.
  3. On Your Cell Phone.
  4. I-mapping - Send from your phone it also appears on your Desktop or Laptop & Vice Versa.

The Hamptons Directory
Website is 20 years old, and has a great reputation with Google, Yahoo, Bing and many other search engines. It markets your full-page business listing throughout the internet and strengthens your website's popularity. The main categories for each industry offers a summary ad of your Business Listing and the main category pages are also found in Google when people search there. 

The Hamptons Directory is linked to many other sites which help exposure of your business listing. Google takes this site very seriously as a Local Search Optimization Site. Having a Full-Page listing can improve the value of your website, and may also bring new customers to your website.

For only $20 per month you will become a member, and can add Unlimited Advertising, including Banner Ads, by filling in a simple form. 

View Hamptons Directory     View # of Sites in Google

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Are You Spending Too Much For Services You Don’t Need?
HWD has found that clients have services they’re paying for with other companies, but are not clear on what they actually do for their business. HWD can help you with this, and can take a look at any services you have, explain what you’re paying for, view statistics, and offer you advice and options. HWD can create a Services and Marketing Package for you.  We help small local businesses have a quality web presence they can afford. Our Design and Marketing Fees are less expensive than most charge. When we speak with you and evaluate your needs, we will give you our best fixed price. To learn more please set up a phone consult - Click Here

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