The 2 Marketing Packages below offer the most important areas of exposure and advertising for your small local business online that exists today. SEO is included in Google Advertising or, for those who do not want Google Advertising can be used seprately. Coupling either or both programs with your Website Design Package can give you a fully rounded Internet presence which HWD will manage for you at reasonable fees.

Google Advertising

This type of advertising is the best way to insure that keywords being used to find what you offer, display an ad at the moment of interest. People are searching using Google 24/7 trying to find all kinds of local businesses. When a prospect clicks on your Google Ad it must lead to a quality Responsive Mobile Friendly website with the information clearly displayed. Your campaign can be paused, and/or adjusted at anytime. Google has a huge network of websites that show their ads creating approximately 85% of the local search market. If you're not being found in this network today, you are missing exposure to your prospective customers, and it needs to be taken seriously for small local business.

Research of keywords
Assign keywords to Ad Groups
Create Ads that grab attention
Fix and/or Add Pages
Set/Modify your overall monthly budget
Set the towns where your Ads appear
Launch, test and manage campaigns

Pricing is based on individual need. Please set up a phone appt. so we can discuss it for your business.

Local Search Optimization

Google and other Major Search Engines evaluate the quality of your website using numerous criteria and one of the most important are Citations in established Local Directories. A Citation is a "mention" of your website on another site. Google indexes your site pages regularly, and can see all of the sites you are listed on - which is used to verify your business. These Citations need to be consistent.

Our system scans and analyzes, identifies, and claims your existing business listings across a unique network of important Citation Directories. This insures that all of your content is locked and accurate across every digital channel - every day.

You receive a Full-Page Business Listing in The Hamptons Directory Website. Now 16 years old, this Popular Local Directory has a great reputation with Google and other major search engines. It strengthens your website's popularity and also creates a quality back link and high ranking Citation for your site. Google has 1'000s of listings and categories from Hamptons Directory.

Internet Local Search analysis
Fix the issues that need to be repaired
List your website on 60 Major Directories
Monitor your listings weekly
Monitor Reviews & notify you of any new
Consultations as needed

Pricing is based on individual need. Please set up a phone appt. so we can discuss it for your business.